Tuesday, January 10, 2012

World Climate Report » Will Replicated Global Warming Science Make Mann Go Ape?

Little did we know at the time, but behind the scenes, our paper, the review process that resulted in its publication, the editor in charge of our submission, and the journal itself, were being derided by the sleazy crowd that revealed themselves in the notorious “Climategate” emails, first released in November, 2009. In fact, the publication of our paper was to serve as one of the central pillars that this goon squad used to attack on the integrity of the journal Climate Research and one of its editors, Chris de Freitas.

Global Warming? No, Natural, Predictable Climate Change - Forbes

In fact the present warm period may well be at the top of a natural millennial cycle as previously occurred during Roman and Medieval times.

The Reference Frame: Michael Mann: Standard Model is a climate model

First, Michael Mann attacks Freeman Dyson and tells him that he shouldn't be using cars and airplanes because they have been designed by models similar to climate models (wow). The only problem in this comparison is that the climate airplanes don't fly and don't land.

I find it kind of amazing for someone like Mann who hasn't ever contributed anything of positive value to the mankind to tell Freeman Dyson that Freeman Dyson has no idea how cars or airplanes are designed or produced. Freeman Dyson has been the main person in several projects that have designed nuclear reactors that were later used all over the world, not to speak about nuclear-powered spacecrafts and other things.

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