Saturday, February 04, 2012

10-minute radio interview: Andy Revkin on ClimateGate 2.0

News Talk Radio 77 WABC New York

Wednesday, 11/23/11 - Batchelor 11pm

...[The Revkin segment starts at the 30-minute mark] GUESTS: Mary Kissel, WSJ; Michael Balter, Science; Mike Giglio, Newsweek; Andrew Revkin, NYT;

Revkin says that it's not clear that any crime has been committed in the release of the ClimateGate emails. He gives no indication that he's actually read the ClimateGate 2.0 emails.

There's "some sense of cronyism".

He says that one thing revealed is that "scientists...have political leanings".  Studies have shown that "most scientists are liberal".

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