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- Bishop Hill blog - Crying wolf for "the cause"

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There was a sort of cycle through the 2000s of stories saying "scientists say it's even worse than we thought"...and I think the media kind of cried wolf...and there's only so far that you can go with that kind of story because the public switched off....James Randerson (at 31 mins)

- Bishop Hill blog - Telling lies for "the cause"

This quote is taken from the Imperial discussion forum I linked to yesterday (audio here).

An abuse we saw from about 2005 or 2008/9 was a tactical lie by some in the science policy and research communities and associated institutions to suggest that somehow "the science is finished", "the debate is over"...

Joe Smith (at about 24 mins)

Climate Common Sense: Phil Jones and the non-scientific method!

You would not get a more obvious example of confirmation bias than that of a paper submitted by Climategate "scientist" Phil Jones. The reviewer of his paper who , unlike the good professor understands scientific method suggests to Jones that the aim of the paper should be to analyse data and draw conclusions from that analysis. This of course is in direct contrast to Warmist "science" where the results of any analysis are already known - it is just a matter of finding some way, no matter how circuitous or illogical , to justify the conclusion and feed it to gullible believers.

The Fastest Warming Place In The World – Is Rapidly Cooling | Real Science

A few days ago, Hansen described the Antarctic Peninsula as being the fastest warming place on the planet. It has cooled more than half a degree since 1998.

It is weather, but one is left wondering when does serious climate change start? | The Next Grand Minimum

When examining the ice core records, it is clear that the cold comes on much faster than the warming. These temperature plots by Climatologist Cliff Harris and Metrologist Randy Mann demonstrate the warming rose and then leveled off and then there a rapid temperature decline.  They remind us that we should remember, that the Earth’s coldest periods have usually followed excessive warmth. Such was the case when our planet moved from the Medieval Warm Period between 900 and 1300 A.D. to the sudden ‘Little Ice Age,’ which peaked in the 17th Century.

Our Modern Warm Period many be coming to an end.  The question is when will we recognize that we are on the down slope of a very steep curve?

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