Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Warmist Scott Mandia: "[Gleick] is the hero and Heartland remains the villain"

Climate scientist Peter Gleick admits he leaked Heartland Institute documents | Environment | guardian.co.uk

In a sign of combat to come, Gleick has taken on a top Democratic operative and crisis manager, Chris Lehane. Lehane, who worked in the Clinton White House is credited for exposing the rightwing forces arrayed against the Democratic president. He was Al Gore's press secretary during his 2000 run for the White House.

As one environmental campaigner said: "Now it's gone nuclear."

..."Heartland has been subverting well-understood science for years," wrote Scott Mandia, co-founder of the climate science rapid response team. "They also subvert the education of our school children by trying to ;'teach the controversy' where none exists."He went on: "Peter Gleick, a scientist who is also a journalist just used the same tricks that any investigative reporter uses to uncover the truth. He is the hero and Heartland remains the villain. He will have many people lining up to support him."

...Kert Davies, the research director of Greenpeace USA, said it would be unfortunate if the row over Gleick and his methods to obtain the documents distracted from Heartland's work to block climate action."There are a lot of people involved with Heartland's multimillion dollar climate denial machine who want to change the subject to anything else."

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