Wednesday, February 01, 2012

William M. Briggs, Statistician » Bad Astronomer Does Bad Statistics: That Wall Street Journal Editorial

Mann’s understanding of statistics may be likened to an overly enthusiastic undergraduate who left the lecture early.

How to Form a Consensus « the Air Vent

The theme which started the URL of noconsensus, was that a consensus is an unnatural state for humanity. People disagree about everything under the Sun. Usually, disagreement is due to lack of information but we all know that many times it is about biased interpretation of information. The only questions in global warming are related to the magnitude of warming, what is causing that warming and whether it is a problem in any way at all. In my opinion, this is just my opinion, those questions aren’t even close to being answered by Climate Science™. Yet if the left wing environmental groups around the country cannot have consensus on the danger and the consequential need to enact anti-industry controls for that danger, their own self-destructive agenda cannot move forward.

Intellectually Insolvent U. Of Osnabrück Shuts Down Debate – Calls Skepticism “Provocative”

What do the intellectually challenged do when they’re out-matched in debate and fully exhausted of arguments?

You do what the University of Osnabrück has done: you prevent the opponent from entering the debating arena. You call it off and closed-mindedly insist you’re right.

Insiders: Energy Legislation Unlikely in 2012 - Olga Belogolova -

A whopping 81 percent of Insiders said it is unlikely Congress will send any energy legislation to Obama in 2012. Fifty-two percent said the prospects are “very unlikely,” while 29 percent said they are “somewhat unlikely.”

Philadelphia’s Warm January Was Seven Degrees Cooler Than 1790 | Real Science

Record warm January 2012 averaged 37F, compared to 44F in 1790. Hansen could adjust this, except for the fact that he now believes time began in 1960.

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