Saturday, March 24, 2012

Green Climate Fund « the Air Vent

Does anyone here really think that annually handing four times the GDP of North Korea to a bunch of unelected individuals, who exist completely outside of the law, could cause any problems at all?

It sounds like something straight from a science fiction novel.

Queensland Election 2012 rolling coverage | Latest Queensland state election 2012 coverage from The Courier-Mail | The Courier-Mail

Sky News exit polls show voters were most concerned about the Cost of Living (69 per cent), followed by Delivery of State Services (63 per cent), Carbon Tax (44 per cent) Mining Tax (35 per cent), and Campbell Newman's business dealings (17 per cent). LNP leader Campbell Newman's business dealings the main target of Labor's campaign registered with just 17 percent of people.

Global Warming Cult Playbook Released : The Other McCain

The Global Warming hoax is going to raise the skepticism factor in all scientific endeavor, which will be good for science in the long run.

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