Friday, April 27, 2012

2008 : Obama Promises 5 Million Green Jobs | Real Science

I was amazed that anyone voted for this buffoon the first time, but half the country plans to do it again.

Aggie Joke : Dessler Says Texas Droughts Are Caused By CO2 | Real Science

The worst decade for drought in Texas was the 1950s, which had low CO2 and was dominated by La Nina. Almost all Texas droughts have been associated with La Nina events.

CO2 shows no correlation, but La Nina shows almost perfect correlation. Dessler concludes – ignore the data and stick with the failed theory.

The CLIMATE SCEPTICS Blog: Carbon Credit Forests - the CO2.con

Then as the trees mature, growth stops. The aging forest just sits there, some trees growing, some dying and net carbon sequestration ceases. It becomes a sterile shrine to the green religion whose main impact on the biosphere is providing a haven for feral animals and noxious weeds.

Green spruikers claim that they only use land not suitable for anything else. Wrong! Every bit of Australia not covered by road, cities, parks or deserts can support crops, timber-getting or grazing animals. Carbon-credit forests gnaw away at this national land asset every year.

Moreover, CO2.con investors, like all speculators, want quick returns. Their quick return demands rapidly growing trees in arable country - deserts and salt pans are uneconomical. Thus the wheat/sheep belt is shrinking.

Budget kills climate accountability legislation, weakens oversight

The legislation also kills an existing law, the Kyoto Protocol Implementation Act, that required the government to publish comprehensive reports on climate change policies, along with an evaluation of results achieved.

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