Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Apocalyptic Daze by Pascal Bruckner, City Journal Spring 2012

One could go on citing such quotations forever, given the spread of the cliché-ridden apocalyptic literature. Environmentalism has become a global ideology that covers all of existence—not merely modes of production but ways of life as well. We rediscover in it the whole range of Marxist rhetoric, now applied to the environment: ubiquitous scientism, horrifying visions of reality, even admonitions to the guilty parties who misunderstand those who wish them well. Authors, journalists, politicians, and scientists compete in the portrayal of abomination and claim for themselves a hyper-lucidity: they alone see clearly while others vegetate in the darkness.  [Hat tip:  Mark]

Climate Lessons: A Child’s Epiphany About Eco-Mania

I wanted to be an eco-nut, just like some of my peers

But everything they told me
Fell down around my ears
They said the world is warming, and that is somehow bad
But when I see what cooling does
More heat would make me glad

Bill Clinton Is Headliner at Sustainability Enclave - NYTimes.com

While the conference is open to the public, the registration fees are steep: $875 for a daylong pass to the sessions (meals included) or $1,995 for three days of admission.

2012 Sustainable Operations Summit Kicks Off April 17th in New York City | Business Wire

President Bill Clinton; Don Cheadle, actor and UN
Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador; ...renowned Climate Scientist Michael E. Mann

Global Cooling: be very afraid – Telegraph Blogs

If [David Archibald's] analysis of declining sunspot activity is correct, then global mean temperatures are going to decline by about 2 degrees C by 2040 – completely undoing all that lovely beneficial (but rather meagre 0.8 degrees C) global warming we have experienced in the last 150 years.

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