Thursday, May 17, 2012

How Long Will Global Warming Remain Center Stage? | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media

But climate change campaigners might well reflect on the disappearance of biodiversity from the national conversation, and consider the possibility that in ten or fifteen years, global warming may be where biodiversity is today — largely ignored by the media and relegated to the sidelines by environmentalists.

Not that climate change will go away (if anything, it’s likely to be much more pressing), any more than threats to wildlife have. But let’s face it: all mass media stories have a finite shelf life, and the public too often has a short attention span. Let’s keep checking back over the next decade or so.

What Is Behind The Fall Of Germany’s Eco-Minister?

Norbert Röttgen, Angela Merkel's Environment Minister, was - until a few hours ago - the face of Germany’s green energy transition. He aligned himself with a goal which can be stated politically, but which cannot be reached technically. His sacking was therefore inevitable. He is the first political victim of the green energy transition - he will almost certainly not be the last.

Viewpoint: pitting climate change research against weather research is unproductive - Capital Weather Gang - The Washington Post

Yesterday, I discussed a blog post from University of Washington’s Cliff Mass which argued computer resources for models of climate change are unjustifiably far greater than for weather forecasting.

China Is Developing a Grid Better for Coal Than Renewables: Scientific American

While newer and in many ways more technologically advanced than the U.S. grid, China's system is nevertheless being built to perpetuate the use of coal and large hydropower projects.

BBC News - Councils 'must lower carbon emissions'

Local authorities across the UK should have a statutory duty to combat climate change, government advisors recommend.

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