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[comment] The Australian geologist and climate skeptic Ian Plimer has often said that a key reason so many people, particularly urban dwellers, believe catastrophic climate claims is that they are so divorced from the implications of natural climate swings. In a farming family/community, there is lore about how they survived the drought of ’36, or the heat wave of ’57, or the late frosts of ’73. There are strategies passed down as to how to cope with dry/wet, hot/cold variations.

In a city, these types of events really just mean slight variations in the heating/air conditioning bills, which are quickly forgotten, and it is easy to come to believe that things have been pretty constant over the years.

Cost or Climate? Study investigates our behavioural motivators

APPEALS to ‘save the planet’ may not be the most effective way of addressing climate change, as a new study linking beliefs and behaviours reveals most people are driven by cost and fashion rather than a desire to protect the environment.

Quark Soup by David Appell

I have never really understood deniers' fascination with "1970s global cooling," or that it would mean much of anything even if it were true....Were some people in the 1970s thinking about global cooling? Yes -- given the temperature data, anyone would have.

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