Friday, June 15, 2012

Forest Service: Wildfires intensify need for forest management |

Service chief Tom Tidwell says forests need to be returned to a more natural state to prevent so-called “super fires.”

The NO CARBON TAX Climate Sceptics Blog: Climate Expertise and Cherry Pickers

He would also dismiss:-

  • James Hansen - astrophysicist - head of NASA:GISS;
  • Rajendra Pachauri chairman of the  aforementioned IPCC - an engineer;
  • Ross Garnaut - author of the Garnaut Review - an economist;
  • Nicholas Stern - The Stern Review - an economist;
  • Tim Flannery - Australia's part-time Panasonic Climate Change Commissioner - mammalogist - previously his writings have been exposed by "The Weather Makers Re-examined;
  • Michael E. Mann - of the flawed "hockey stick" - Physicist and Geologist;
  • Gavin Schmidt - NASA:GISSApplied Mathematics;
  • Joseph Fourier - Mathematician and Physicist;
  • Peter Gleik - Scientific Ethics and Integrity- excuse me, I had to go outside and laugh at that one;
  • Kevin Trenberth - Meteorologist; "it's a tragedy..."
  • and most of the people of the ClimateGate CRU.....

Scientists urge Rio moves on population and consumption |

More than 100 science academies around the world have called on world leaders to take action on population and consumption at the Rio+20 summit.

2 warmest winter months in Midwest history may have connection |

This past March was the second warmest winter month ever recorded in the Midwest, with temperatures 15 degrees above average. The only other winter month that was warmer was December of 1889, during which temperatures were 18 degrees above average.

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