Thursday, June 21, 2012

High-Speed Rail in California Is Dead? - By Greg Pollowitz - Planet Gore - National Review Online

Conn Carroll over at the Washington Examiner writes that California’s dreams of high-speed rail are effectively dead — thanks to Governor Jerry Brown and his new move to no longer shield the project from the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)

Rio+20 has been a success on one front – rejecting a WEO | Stanley Johnson | Environment |

The idea to set up a World Environment Organisation was a popular, sexy one – but it would have been a big step back

Rio+20 politicians deliver 'new definition of hypocrisy' claim NGOs | Global development |

But although politicians have failed to impress at Rio, the NGOs agreed the conference provided an opportunity to mobilise people to act.

Gustavsson said the 3,000 side events had shown the commitment and "strong leadership" of civil society groups, city mayors and the private sector.

Rio+20 protesters perform 'ritual rip-up' of negotiated text | Environment |

Protest erupted in the Rio+20 conference centre on Thursday as civil rights groups carried out a "ritual rip-up" of a negotiating text that they condemn as a betrayal of future generations.

...The police presence was much higher outside the conference venue than in previous days. Ranks of riot police lined up outside the main entrance, armed troops patrolled in dinghies on the nearby lake and navy frigates cruised alongside the ocean highway that delegates take from hotels to the RioCentro conference venue.

Twitter / Revkin: Siberian lake core reveals

Siberian lake core reveals past warm Arctic "superinteglacials"with no clear CO2 kick, possible link to Antarctic ice.

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