Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New paper blames about half of global warming on weather station data homgenization | Watts Up With That?
Authors Steirou and Koutsoyiannis, after taking homogenization errors into account find global warming over the past century was only about one-half [0.42°C] of that claimed by the IPCC [0.7-0.8°C].
Andrew Bolt: Gillard’s gas worth six times more than Merkel’s | JunkScience.com
We are mad. Under Julia Gillard’s carbon tax, we’re paying six times more than what Europeans are for each tonne of carbon dioxide emissions:
BBC News - [Scotland:  Coldest winter in a century hampers efforts to prevent winters from becoming too warm]
Mr Stevenson said "Scotland faced its coldest winter temperatures in almost a century - and quite rightly people across Scotland needed to heat their homes to keep warm and safe".
New From Pikas to Plague, Climate Change and Wind Energy USGS Science at the Society for Conservation
More than 800 people are expected to attend the first North America Congress for Conservation Biology from July 15-18, 2012, in Oakland, Calif. The theme of this year's conference is “Bridging the Gap: Connecting People, Nature, and Climate.”

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