Friday, August 17, 2012

NSF Promotes Climate-Change Ed. With $19 Million in [Climate Scam Promotion] Grants - Curriculum Matters - Education Week
The four other NSF grants include:

• $5.7 million to Columbia University for a project to help the public understand climate issues in the polar regions, with a focus on "novel educational approaches," including gaming and game-like activities;

• $2.2 million to the Franklin Institute Science Museum to engage urban residents in community-based learning about climate change and the prospects for enhancing urban quality of life through "informed responses to a changing Earth";

• $1.1 million to the University of San Diego to develop a new model for educating both the general public and key decisionmakers; and

• $2.5 million to Pacific Resources for Education and Learning to enhance climate-change education in the Pacific Island region, w+ith involvement of school systems, universities, and others.

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