Monday, September 17, 2012

Breaking: Vivienne Westwood makes a bid to displace Scott "Super" Mandia as global warming hoax fashion icon

The New Nostradamus of the North: Dame Vivienne and idiocy
“Before we have had class war, rich against poor. You know what the division is now? It’s idiots against eco-warriors. That’s it.”
Dame Vivenne Westwood on the division between people who believe in climate change and those who don’t
(interview in the WSJ on September 16)

"The 71-year-old combined the shortest of shorts with clumpy platforms, chunky socks, a sequinned hat and a ragged T-shirt proclaiming “climate revolution”.
If that wasn’t bizarre enough, she topped it all off by drawing a crude moustache and monacle on her face with black marker pen – and at one point had what appeared to be a leather whip in her mouth.
Vivienne Westwood Talks Climate Change... - Speakeasy - WSJ

Supermandia and the most supersilly Climategate rebuttal ever | Watts Up With That?
Professor Scott Mandia - "notable" climate scientist according to the Daily Climate

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