Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dr. Brian Moench suggests that trace amounts of CO2 "could end modern civilization"

Romney Energy Plan: Hot Cow Manure on Climate Change's Open Wounds
Facing the greatest threat in human history - catastrophic climate change - Mitt Romney, mixing arrogance, ignorance and the denial of science, would have us practice the modern-day equivalent of putting hot cow manure on open wounds.
Much like the Garfield assassination attempt, fossil fuels burned by industrialized civilization have gravely "wounded" the ecosystems necessary for human survival.

But the level of scientific sophistication Romney and congressional Republicans are applying to the "fever" and "infection" spreading through our own habitat is on par with Garfield's doctors of 1881 denying the germ theory - you can't see CO2, therefore how could it be a problem? CO2 is natural, therefore linking it to a climate crisis must be a hoax, just like fairies.
...Romney's energy plan is a stunning repudiation of every branch of science, economic research, common sense and of the aesthetic values shared by us all.
It's as repugnant as if doctors in 1881 acknowledged the germ theory, but refused to wash their hands because of all the mortician jobs
lost by cleaning up.
If Romney is elected, neither the fossil fuel oligarchs, who have flooded the election with money on his behalf, nor the insane asylum that has become the Republican Party, of which he is now the caretaker, will abide a flip-flop back to real climate stewardship.
We are left with this chilling conclusion: Mitt Romney is willing to risk the lives of billions of people, and a climate that could end modern civilization, so that he can live out his dream of being the president.

Facing far and away the greatest threat in human history, Mitt would have us practice the modern-day equivalent of putting hot cow manure on our open wounds. In 1881 a potent mix of arrogance, ignorance and the denial of science doomed a beloved president. Today, the same mix in a would-be president, could doom us all.
Dr Brian Moench
Dr. Brian Moench is president of Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment and a member of the Union of Concerned Scientists.
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John Marshall said...

Dr. Moench needs to re-read his science 101 texts. Or is he trying for a bigger grant?