Saturday, September 01, 2012

Mitt Romney Slams Obama On Climate Change In Convention Speech
Yet many were infuriated Thursday night by Romney's seeming indifference to -- or mocking of -- efforts to combat climate change and alleviate growing pressure on the planet's resources.

Critics took to Twitter to voice their outrage, among them former State Department spokesman Philip J. Crowley, who tweeted: "So I guess we won't worry about #climate change in a #Romney administration." Climate scientist Michael Mann tweeted, "Romney's cynical denial of climate change is the real threat to our families, to our children & grandchildren's future."

On air, MSNBC's Chris Matthews charged, "How narrow-minded, how small and insular and piggish can you be about this country, to say, 'We don't care about the planet we live on,' which is getting hotter, climate change has manifested all over the world ... and he's mocking it."
Twitter / AlbertBrooks: World's oceans very excited ...
World's oceans very excited tonight, If Romney elected they will take over the earth.
The transition to a positive future for Earth: What about rebranding from “climate change” to “human impacts on climate systems”?
As a growing worldwide network of individuals committed to a positive future for Earth, let’s start talking with one voice – as a credible force for rebranding – about “human impacts on climate systems.” And let’s watch for impacts in the press.
Climate Change Dispatch - EU carbon link just more hot air
ANY business that buys cheap European emissions permits now may find them worthless by the end of the year. Linking emissions trading schemes isn't as easy as the Gillard government makes it out to be.
Let It Snow, Let It Snow ... CO2 : Discovery News
What if you could build a giant refrigeration unit near the South Pole, pulling harmful carbon dioxide out of the Earth’s atmosphere, turning it into snow and burying it underground. Wind turbines would power the chiller plants, converting CO2 from a heat-trapping atmospheric gas to a solid as a way of slowing down climate change.

Of all the greenhouse gases, CO2 is the "control knob" of climate change. There's currently too much of it in our atmosphere, and the more of it that there is, the greater the effects of warming.

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