Thursday, September 20, 2012

Roll on, climate hoax gravy train: Maldives gets another $8.5 million

Climate Change Trust Fund receives money for new projects | Minivan News
The Maldives government and its international partners today announced the launch of three projects under the World Bank administered Maldives Climate Change Trust Fund (CCTF).

A total of US$8.5million has been contributed by Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the European Union (EU) to the CCTF to assist with these projects.
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They are obviously really worried about global warming and sea level rise and any other way to scam money out of stupid bankrupt western governments.

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Anonymous said...

The World Bank was the creation of Harry Dexter White, a known communist in FDR's communist infested administration.

Where does the World Bank get their money from? I think it's mostly from the US (citizens?).

So if the World Bank is funding development projects in other nations, that means more natural resources are going to be needed meaning the developed world will need to do with less natural resources (lifestyle changes).

Isn't AGW being used to force the developed world to use less natural resources?