Friday, September 21, 2012

Warmist Doug Craig: You know what Anthony Watts is like? A dark figure with no wood who tears your home down every night Blogs: Doug Craig's blog
Imagine you are building a house and at night while you are sleeping someone destroys all your work. Each day you return to build your home and each night, dark figures tear it down. Anthony Watts and others like him have nothing to build. They have no scientific "wood." They create nothing while they destroy everything.
...Like the cancer victim who refuses treatment because they deny they are sick, Watts is that voice of denial that prevents us from decisive action on behalf of our children and their future. The lie lives. The saboteurs are free and in control of this false debate.

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Human Person Junior, Jr. said...

I see no reason to bring "wood," or Mr. Watts's lack thereof, into the discussion. I consider it a logical phallusy.