Monday, October 08, 2012

Modified Gore effect strikes again: As infamous warmists began a Climate Science Seminar in Minnesota last Friday, a local headline was "14'' of snow? Already? That's cold"

Fire Weather Warning (cool clippers this week, 60s & 70s next week; highlights of St. Paul Climate Conference) |
Climate Science Seminar. St. Paul's Science Museum hosted a Climate Science Seminar Friday evening and Saturday, hosting local TV and radio meteorologists from around the Upper Midwest.
Dr. Ben Santer (Lawrence Livermore Laboratory)
* no such thing as "settled science" or "perfect science". The science is continually evolving as new data comes in and new hypotheses are formed, tested, validated or discarded.
Mark Seeley, University of Minnesota
Important Drivers With Climate Change:
1). Natural variability.
"The persistence and amplitude of the warming signal during winter is stronger in Minnesota."
* longer growing and construction season.
* fewer adverse-weather days.
Temperature signal during the summer is modest in Minnesota.
Peter Snyder, University of Minnesota Department of Soil, Water and Climate:
Minnesota: 3rd fastest-warming state in the USA (Climate Central)
* 20% reduction in snowfall by 2100 (more rain and mixed precipitation during winter months).
* current average winter snowfall at MSP: 55" forecast to be one foot less by 2100.
Jeff Masters, Founder, Weather Underground:
Consensus on sea level rise by 2100: around 1 meter, or 3 feet.
Hurricane damage is doubling every 20 years.
John Abraham. University of St. Thomas:
...10 of the 11 warmest years on record, worldwide, observed since 1998.
Paul Douglas. Co-Founder, Senior Meteorologist at Media Logic Group.
Twin Cities: 16 months/row of warmer than average temperatures. Odds of flipping 20 consecutive "heads" is roughly 1 in 1 million.
October 5, 2012: 14'' of snow? Already? That's cold |
An early-season storm dumped more than a foot of snow on northwestern Minnesota on Thursday, closing schools, limiting travel, canceling a homecoming parade and snuffing out the danger from wildfires that had destroyed 11 houses in Karlstad two days earlier.

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