Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nice timing: Just after "once-in-century October snow" hits Australia, we're told that "Global warming may make snowfall at Australia's ski resorts a thing of the past"

October 13, 2012: Grim Climate Change Prediction For Oz Skiers
Global warming may make snowfall at Australia's ski resorts a thing of the past, leaving fans of the white stuff worried...Nearly two-thirds of the snow in Australia's popular ski resorts may have disappeared by 2020, according to climate change research.
Griffith University Associate Professor Catherine Pickering believes the alpine region is one of the country's most threatened areas from climate change.

"We've predicted by 2020 to lose something like 60% of the snow cover of the Australian Alps," she said.

"Unfortunately, because our current emissions and our current rises in temperatures are at the high end of the predictions, it's definitely coming to us sooner and faster."

Some veteran Australian skiers are already noticing changes to snow conditions.
Ironically, this season has been one of the best for snow in years, but such good conditions are becoming the exception.
Roundup from Oct 11 and 12, 2012: Once-in-century October snow across South Australia « Where’s my Global Warming Dude? By Global Freeze
Rare at any time, there has been October snow across some southern areas of South Australia.

The weather bureau in Adelaide said the last reports of snowfall in the Adelaide and neighbouring Mount Lofty Ranges region in October were a century ago.
October 14, 2012: NSW shivers through cold October mornings
Parts of western NSW have just shivered through the coldest pair of October mornings in more than a decade.

Some centres in the Upper Western and Central West Slopes and Plains awoke to temperatures as cold as nine below the average. After the recent unseasonable snowfalls, the Central Tablelands chilled to as much as eight below average, providing another example of the variability of Spring.

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