Wednesday, November 28, 2012

12 Straight Months Of Above Normal Antarctic Sea Ice | Real Science
Today marks 365 consecutive days of above normal Antarctic sea ice. According to climate geniuses Jeff Masters and Bill McKitten, the odds against this are an astronomical 2^365 to one.
Adapting to a warmer world: No going back : Nature News & Comment
One climate modelling study of the Mediterranean region found that by the end of the current century, the frequency of heatwaves will increase from one every 3–5 summers to 2–3 heatwaves each summer; and they will last 2–5 times longer
Legacy of a climate treaty: After Kyoto : Nature News & Comment
On 1 January 2013, the world can go back to emitting greenhouse gases with abandon. The pollution-reduction commitments made by 37 nations as part of the Kyoto Protocol will expire, leaving the planet without any international climate regulation.

In practice, the 1997 treaty did little to curb emissions of greenhouse gases
Newest Yale Forum Video: A ‘Play-by-Play’ on Sandy with Kerry Emanuel | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
Emanuel at one point notes the irony that greatly reduced sulfur aerosol emissions across North America starting in the mid- to late-1980s as a result of Clean Air Act regulations have allowed ocean temperatures to increase. “That silver cloud, if you will, had a black lining,” Emanuel notes.
China Joins EU to Scale Back Outlook for UN Climate Talks - Bloomberg
China joined the European Union and envoys from the bloc of 48 Least Developed Countries in scaling back expectations for United Nations climate talks, suggesting no new aid promises or cuts for greenhouse gases are in sight.

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