Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1944 Shock News : Permafrost Melting “as far as the eye can see” | Real Science

Snowfall paralyzes life in China
China has experienced the biggest snowfall in 52 years.

Snow caused power outages in 57 villages, brought down thousands of trees and killed numerous domestic animals.

Temperatures fell by as much as 14 degrees below zero in some areas.
Low Temperature Record Set In Central Texas
The official Central Texas temperature dropped to 30 degrees on Oct 28, two degrees below the previous record low for that date of 32 degrees set in 1957. (Yes, this is for Oct 28, 2012, not November 28.)

It was one of only seven October freezes on record and the fifth coldest temperature ever recorded in October at Waco Regional Airport, the National Weather Service said.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds Roman Warming Period in Florida was warmer than today
A new paper published in Quaternary International reconstructs temperatures in SW Florida and finds that summer temperatures during the Roman Warm Period [RWP] from 300 BC-550 AD were "insignificantly different from today" and that winters during the RWP were "colder than today at 150-200 AD and 250-300 AD, similar to today at 200-250 AD, 300-350 AD and 450-500 AD, and warmer than today at 500-550 AD." The paper adds to hundreds of other peer-reviewed papers demonstrating temperatures during the Medieval, Roman, Minoan, and other unnamed warming periods were as warm or warmer than today.
Bitter cold snap expected | New Zealand
New Zealand is in for a bitter cold snap at this end of this week, forecasters predict.

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