Saturday, November 10, 2012

A [cold] winter could spell trouble for needy
With budget cuts across every level and in every department in state and federal government, the federal allotment for heating assistance is one of the many things that have become scarce for those in need.

According to Shania Adkins, Executive Director for CareNet, after four days of taking applications, more than half of the federal funds available for heating assistance to Maconians is gone.
Hurricane expert Dr. Bill Gray & team of scientists tell Congress: 'Global warming that has not actually occurred can scarcely have contributed much to vast devastation wrought by Sandy' | Climate Depot
Bill Gray, Dr. Fred Singer, Dr. Willie Soon & Lord Monckton: 'After almost 16 years without global warming, there are still a few who implausibly try to blame this non-existent global warming for causing various weather-related disasters in the past two or three years'
- Bishop Hill blog - Today on wind power
Does it strike anyone else as strange that every time somebody from GWPF goes on the BBC they are asked about their funding, but every time Lord Deben goes on nobody asks him about his acknowledged (and continuing) conflicts of interest?
Prince Charles Ups The Tipping Point | Real Science
Hansen says that 350 PPM CO2 is the tipping point, and that Prince Charles’ 450 ppm would cause 60-80 metres of sea level rise.

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