Sunday, November 18, 2012

Agenda-driven Met Office's grudging concessions to reality | Australian Climate Madness
It's bizarre to watch the UK Met Office squirm as it desperately tries to maintain an ideological position in the face of conflicting evidence. I never would have believed that such a formerly respected institution, scientific impartiality at its core, could be so compromised by a political agenda.

Instead of simply reporting on new developments in climate, they must instead be spun in order to bolster the case for political action. Such is the case today, where Peter Stott grudgingly concedes that temperatures have fallen in the past couple of years, but surrounds it with caveats and "yes, buts" in order to make sure The Cause™ is not diluted
RealClimate Credibility Is A Thing Of The Past | Real Science
The Cascades have been getting huge amounts of snow in recent years, and this winter is getting off to a very fast start again.

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