Sunday, November 18, 2012

Backgrounder: How climate negotiations work - In Depth - Al Jazeera English
Doha, Qatar – The world’s largest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases has been tasked with finding a solution to climate change.

Between November 26 and December 7 about 17,000 official delegates, 7,000 representatives from non-governmental organisations and 1,500 journalists will descend on Doha, Qatar’s capital, to try to work out a climate change agreement. More than 190 countries will send representatives to the talks.
'Writing is on the wall' at climate summit - Features - Al Jazeera English
Worldwide, the cost of climate change is estimated at $1.2tn annually.
Black Friday In Alaska | Real Science
Alaska is facing record cold this Thanksgiving. Looks like your electric car probably won’t start for Black Friday shopping, but at least you won’t be causing dirty weather.
Dirty Weather In 1957 | Real Science
Hurricane Audrey brought 145 MPH winds to Texas and Louisiana and wiped many cities off the map. CO2 was at very safe levels in 1957 – perhaps Al Gore is looking for a repeat performance?
Don’t Flush – Unless The Wind Is Blowing | Real Science
The windmill cost $5,600,000 and worked for four months before a tropical storm wrecked it. They anticipate that when functional it will save $150,000 per year. That means it will only take 37 years to pay for itself.

On the other hand, had they put that $5.6 million in the bank at 5% interest, it would be worth $12 million in 37 years. Not to mention the fact that the windmill won’t last anywhere near 37 years, it will kill thousands of birds, and that a major hurricane would completely destroy their investment.

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