Thursday, November 29, 2012

Barack Obama Now Has A Fish Named After Him
Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Teddy Roosevelt, and Jimmy Carter are also honored by the names of these new freshwater darter species. posted about 3 hours ago
Last week, five new fish species were given some left-leaning names after being recognized as distinct species for the first time.
Nissan Cancels Grand Opening of Taxpayer-Backed EV Plant | National Legal and Policy Center
Through the end of October this year, Nissan had sold only 6,791 Leafs in the U.S, which Car and Driver calculated is a 16-percent decline from the first 10 months’ sales last year.
NASA - Ice Sheet Loss at Both Poles Increasing, Study Finds
The new estimates, which are more than twice as accurate because of the inclusion of more satellite data, confirm both Antarctica and Greenland are losing ice.
Jake Schmidt: U.S. Signs Into Law Bill Calling for Global Solution to Aviation's Carbon Pollution
The failure to reduce global warming pollution from aviation is no longer an option.
Household to see higher green costs - while factories escape - Telegraph
Households will be burdened with “tripled” green taxes to help pay for wind farms and nuclear power while some factories escape the new costs, it has emerged.

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