Sunday, November 11, 2012

Brits face deep freeze as transport bosses prepare for cold snap
BRITAIN is set for a “nightmare” end to 2012, which has been colder than every year bar one since the mid-1990s.
China Exclusive: Life under cold snap - People's Daily Online
On the country's microblog sphere of tens of millions of users, the sudden cold rainfall, dropping temperature, and forecasted blizzards and high winds seem to have "disrupted" people's normal lives.
Cold Snap Chills Southern California -
The weather service predicted very cold temperatures and possible frost across many interior valleys Sunday and Monday night.
[You know what we need right now? A brand-new, $125 billion annual carbon dioxide hoax scam swindle bad-weather-preventing tax, along with all the associated bureaucracy and litigation] - The Washington Post
A carbon tax would make sense regardless of the revenue it would raise. But the policy could bring in serious money. Economists at Resources for the Future, a nonpartisan think tank, estimate that a tax of $25 per ton of CO² would raise $125 billion a year.

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susan said...

Washington Post lies and says RFF is a non-partisan think-tank but the EPA is one of its major donors and several of its researchers contributed to the 2007 UN IPCC report.