Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Change in eating can change climate
We have the power of reducing the devastating effects of climate change every time we eat.
Harsher energy regulations coming in Obama's second term | Reuters
Obama is expected to tighten rules and regulations governing energy exploration, actions that may add billions in costs for oil and gas companies.
Obama could put heat on drillers but stall gas exports | Reuters
With many scientists blaming climate change for fueling stronger weather events like the deadly Superstorm Sandy, calls have risen for Congress to pass a carbon tax.

But such efforts face an uphill battle. Many Republicans would reject supporting anything resembling a tax. It could put an unfair burden on the poor and raise fuel prices for consumers weary of two years of high gasoline costs.
Until the U.S. economy significantly recovers, major climate legislation is unlikely to pass, especially after Republicans retained control of the House of Representatives.

As a result, the Environmental Protection Agency will likely move forward on regulating greenhouse gases, Stanco said.
How Obama can seal his climate change legacy - environment - 07 November 2012 - New Scientist
So the post-election message is this: forget about new laws to limit climate change, but watch for action nonetheless.
BBC argues it is not bound by FOIA in bid to keep Climate 28 secret • The Register
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