Monday, November 19, 2012

Climate change: It's even worse than we thought - New Scientist
Global warming was expected to boost food production
Shell, Unilever Lead 100 Companies Calling for CO2 Price - Businessweek
The letter was coordinated by Prince Charles’s Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change, a club of companies brought together by the heir to the British throne and managed by the University of Cambridge. Other signatories included Alstom SA (ALO), Acciona SA (ANA), Electricite de France SA’s EDF Energy unit, Skanska AB (SKAB) and Aviva Plc.  [How many companies are *not* calling for a carbon dioxide hoax scam swindle fraud bad-weather-prevention transfer of wealth?   Since when are we supposed to implement public policy to suit the whims of a minority of rent-seeking businesses?]
Quark Soup by David Appell: Space Debris and Climate Change (Really?)
Is the rate of change of CO2 in the thermosphere (they find +24 ppm/decade) really enough to cause havoc to satellites on top of this? And space debris is random anyway -- this just mixes it up.... I guess I'm skeptical.
Discovery Channel FAIL – Sandy was not a ‘megastorm’ | Watts Up With That?
Sandy wasn’t even a category 1 hurricane when it made landfall. Yet somehow, that elevates it for “megastorm” status?
TwentyEightGate – the story so far | Omnologos
I am still waiting to find one-person-one who will justify the need to hire six lawyers against a pensioner.

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