Monday, November 26, 2012

Climate Change Will Make Some Companies Extremely Rich—But Which Ones? - Steve LeVine - The Atlantic
there's probably no surer bet than a warming planet
Flashback: Data Suggests Climate Entering 30 Year Cooling Period, Perhaps Longer
Ongoing sea temperature readings suggest that global heat content has stabilised over the past 15 years -- despite an 8.5% rise in atmospheric CO2 levels. Ongoing observations are diverging significantly from James Hansen's IPCC model projections, as seen below. Some observers of climate data are expecting the Earth to pass through at least a 30 year climate cooling period.
How Would The World's Future Leaders Address Climate Change? - Forbes
Want to know what influential young leaders are thinking about the problem of climate change? I did, and was fortunate to be tapped as a consultant for the Future Influencers community; an exclusive think tank of young decision makers dedicated to tackling the problems of global sustainability. Initiated and supported by Siemens, the social media-savvy Future Influencers debated the future of energy in the run-up to the COP18 UN Climate Conference which starts today in Doha, Qatar.
How, specifically, do we know that these people are the world's future leaders?  Do all of these people believe that CO2 causes bad weather?

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