Thursday, November 08, 2012

COP18 Doha – Is Anyone Actually Going?

COP18 Doha – Is Anyone Actually Going? « Tory Aardvark
It has all been downhill for the warming alarmists since COP15 in Copenhagen where 33526 delegates and press attended what they called Hopenhagen, where the hope was to destroy western industrialised society and pave the way for the Green Hell of the Agrarian Dream.
Last years UN Climate Circus COP17 in Durban attracted just 12,500 delegates, where 7300 were from Green NGOs and journalists, COP17 like its predecessors COP16 and COP15 achieved nothing, but did provide yet another exotic location for the saviours of the planet to consume huge quantities of fossil fuel and enjoy 5 star luxury living while saving the planet.

The fall in attendees between COP15 and COP17 was around 60% in just 2 years, thus far in 2012 with just 20 days to go less than 6000 people have applied for visas to Qatar:
At the end of August 2012 there were with 88 days to the start of COP18 just 420 visa applications, now with 20 days to go there are 5638 applications, unless there is a sudden surge in late applications COP18 will be less attended than even COP17 was.

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