Thursday, November 08, 2012

COP18 Removes Visa Applicants Counter From The Web Site « Tory Aardvark
The COP18 propaganda machine is already pushing the lie that 17000 will attend, wishful thinking at best, the real total will be closer to 7000, a massive drop from just 3 years ago.
Negotiations: U.S. climate diplomats get a new chance to find common ground with allies -- 11/08/2012 --
"I started out extremely hopeful that Obama would make a big change, and until the last minute in Copenhagen, I was expecting him to come up with something brilliant. But I was very, very disappointed. And since then, I've seen the Obama administration retrench," said Saleem Huq, a senior fellow at the U.K.-based International Institute for Environment and Development.

"In some ways it's almost as bad, if not worse, than the Bush administration, in the sense that the Obama people get it," Huq said, noting several scientists in the administration. "We all think of Obama and the Democrats as the good guys, but in the negotiations, they acted just like Bush. The only difference was that it was harder to criticize them than it was to criticize Bush."
Climate: EPA, not Hill, to be focal point of climate action -- enviros -- 11/08/2012 --
"The partisan nature of the Congress right now and the prospect of a 2014 opportunity in the Senate is that you probably don't get a deal on that in the next two years anyway," [Kevin Book, managing director at ClearView Energy Partners] said. There would be a better chance of passing a landmark carbon-related law after the midterm election, he said.
Barbara Kingsolver on Flight Behavior and Why Climate Change Is Part of Her Story |
Our agriculture here has gone through one disaster year after another, so climate change is not some kind of abstract future threat here. It [CO2?] is literally killing our farm economy.

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