Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Die Klimazwiebel: What future for climate science?
– Spend less energy battling skeptics
– We are among the most successful predictors the world has ever seen
Will the U.S. dump the U.N. climate process? | Grist
Let’s just bring this out into the open, since I’ve made jokes about it in posts over the last two days: The U.N.’s annual climate change conferences — like next week’s, in Doha, Qatar — are pointless. They are very good for providing an excuse for the well-heeled to tour the world every winter, but they are fruitless in terms of adopting remedies for global warming and obviously ineffective in curtailing greenhouse gas pollution.

Disagree? Well then, I’ll play my trump card. You know who agrees with me? The United States government, that’s who.
House of Commons - Uncorrected Evidence - HC 698-i
[EU Chief Scientific Advisor Anne Glover] It is hard sometimes to appreciate just how pressing the problem is. I mentioned earlier that I am an optimist and I am, except in one area, and that is in climate change. I am truly worried that we might not be able, globally, to deal with climate change. The result of that would not be good for human populations on the planet.

There have been climate changes historically. We go through periods every 120,000 years of warm and cold periods. When that last happened, there weren’t very many of us on the planet so you could always move and migrate. We can’t do that now. There is nowhere for us to go. It is of pressing importance that we address climate change.
The History of Climate Change Negotiations in 83 seconds - YouTube

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