Thursday, November 08, 2012

Dolphin trainer Candace Calloway Whiting suggests that if we use fossil fuels to avoid freezing to death in our homes, it will get so hot outside that we'll all die

Climate Change, You, and a Little Math – Has a Solution That is Easy to Understand | Candace Calloway Whiting -
The double punch that New York and New Jersey have endured first with Hurricane Sandy, and now with a nor’easter snow storm that is chilling people in their unheated homes underscores our dependence upon energy. Light switches and thermostats fail to respond, cars are useless without gas, we can’t keep milk fresh. We are completely dependent upon energy but using it contributes to global warming and eventually triggers more of the storms that knock us out. It sounds like a double bind – we need energy, but if we use too much it will destroy us.
...Oil companies are not concerned about the long term viability of life on the planet, they are concerned about lining their pockets

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