Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ehrlich 1971 : The Pope And Nixon To Destroy The Planet | Real Science
Ehlrich said that young people would stop purchasing cars and gasoline.
Forty years later, this mental giant is still at it.
1938 Hurricane Could Have Caused $250 Billion In Damages | Real Science
Nobel Prize winners believe that your SUV caused the 1938 hurricane.
Guardian : American Fossil Fuels To Save The Planet | Real Science
The Guardian says that American fossil fuels will save the planet from terrorist supporting regimes.
The Guardian also says that American fossil fuels have doomed the planet, and it is too late to do anything about it.
Twitter / LFFriedman: Sen. Barrasso:"There is a trade ...
Sen. Barrasso:"There is a trade off between climate change policies & competitiveness." Doesn't answer q abt a future treaty. #Halifax2012
Britain's mad biomass dash - Matt Ridley
And there is nothing carbon-saving about bio-energy. Take wood, a more carbon-rich fuel even than coal. As the environmental scientist Jesse Ausubel, of Rockefeller University in New York, has shown, when you burn wood more carbon dioxide is emitted than from coal for the same amount of energy.

Yet Britain is dashing to replace coal with wood.

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