Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Enviros to Obama: this time, don’t forget climate change
So as soon as the major news networks called the race tonight, environmentalists started firing off e-mails urging Pres. Obama to turn his attention back to our warming world. They’re hoping that Obama’s re-election and Sandy’s devastation will reset the national conversation on climate change, after several years in which many politicians refused to utter those two words in public.

“While Sandy’s lessons are still fresh, the president should be clear about the urgency of cutting carbon emissions and strengthening critical infrastructure to protect Americans against the rising costs of climate change,” wrote Eileen Claussen, president of the non-profit Center for Climate and Energy Solutions.
EDITORIAL: Climate-change crybabies - Washington Times
This isn’t the first time Mr. Mann has turned to the judiciary to silence critics. In 2010, Minnesotans for Global Warming produced a viral YouTube video entitled “Hide the Decline.” Over 600,000 people viewed the animated likeness of Mr. Mann singing lines such as, “Michael Mann thinks he’s so smart, totally inventing the hockey stick chart.” The popular video was pulled after the group received a cease-and-desist letter. “My first reaction was, ‘Wow, I guess I hit a nerve,’” Elmer Beauregard, the video’s creator, told The Washington Times. Mr. Beauregard and his colleagues lacked the resources to mount a proper legal battle, so he is glad National Review and CEI aren’t backing down.

It’s essential for the survival of free speech that the peddlers of half-baked doomsday tales not get away with chilling spirited dissent. Global-warming proponents propagate the myth that “the science is settled” to shut down all possible disagreement. Those who run to a judge and cry about YouTube videos or clever blog posts clearly are not confident in the truth of their position. Mr. Mann’s lawsuit ought to be thrown out.
CARBON ECONOMY COVERED | Daily Telegraph Tim Blair Blog
“Carbon economy editor” Hannam delivers this remarkable scoop:

     The next United Nations climate report will ‘’scare the wits out of everyone’’ …
...Readers are invited to offer their own predictions of IPCC scariness. Submissions must be scarier than the UN’s 2005 prediction of 50 million climate refugees by 2010 .

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