Monday, November 19, 2012

FIS - Worldnews - Climate change darkens water, drives fish away [to where?]
Norwegian coastal waters are darkening due to changes in weather and climate, damaging optical conditions for marine animals.
Visibility conditions at Lurefjorden have made it more difficult for fish to find their prey [is that good news for the prey?], but not for the blind jellyfish. The jellyfish now have virtually no competition for the abundant prey organisms, Aksnes elaborated.
"More precipitation [wait, wouldn't that suggest less drought?] means that more murky fresh water mixes with the coastal water, making it less saline and murkier," explained Aksnes.
Nine Of The Ten Deadliest US Tornadoes Occurred Before 1960 | Real Science

COP18: Who to follow on twitter in Doha | RTCC - Responding to Climate Change
@kuminaidoo - Expect increasingly despairing tweets from the Greenpeace International chief as the conference progresses.

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