Thursday, November 15, 2012

German Energy Expert Argues Against Subsidies for Solar Power - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Kohler: According to the generally accepted opinion, the transition to renewable energy sources means that we will give up nuclear power and rely on wind and solar instead. The reality is that we'll need conventional power plants until at least 2050, even if we do create massive renewable energy sources. Many people dispute this. They say that we could replace power plants operated with fossil fuels by adding more renewable energy sources. My response to them is: It won't work.
2008: Gore urges US to try for 100% renewable energy within a decade | Environment | The Guardian
Barack Obama should set drastic targets to force the US to switch to renewable energy in an effort to slow down climate change, according to the former vice president Al Gore. Gore said that one of Obama's first acts as US president should be to demand a move to 100% renewable energy within 10 years.
Look For 5000 mm Of Sea Level Rise This Century | Real Science
Tide gauges show that sea level has been rising an average of about 0.7 mm per year and the rate has been declining, but NASA’s top expert tells us that the average for the century will be 50 mm per year.

This makes perfect sense if you have the IQ of a turnip and/or your job depends on scaring people into giving up their money and freedom.
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