Friday, November 09, 2012

Greg Combet claims everything Tony Abbott says in "complete bulls---" | Herald Sun
CLIMATE Change Minister Greg Combet has unleashed a ferocious attack on Tony Abbott claiming that everything he says is "complete bulls---".

As Mr Combet announced yesterday Australia was prepared to join a second Kyoto Protocol treaty to set new targets for reducing greenhouse gases, he let fly at Mr Abbott, saying he had used climate change as a political weapon.

"Everything he has said about this issue - to be frank about it and so we don't misunderstand anything I'm saying - has been complete bulls---," Mr Combet told the CarbonExpo in Melbourne.
Canada’s New Corn Belt Attracts Hot Money to Bargain Farmland - Bloomberg
The northward creep of the corn belt is turning Canadian farmland into a long-term investment play on global warming, said Tom Eisenhauer, president of Ottawa-based Bonnefield Inc., a farmland investment firm that owns 15,000 acres across the country. “You can do a lot of different things here with a longer growing season,” he said.
[NRDC thinks we're stupid; tries to convince us that Obama spent a lot of time talking about climate change when he was trying to get re-elected] | Switchboard, from NRDC
Let’s be clear here. The issue of climate change appeared throughout this election. President Obama talked about it on the campaign trail, in his convention speech, and in his victory speech.
Australia and New Zealand divided over 'Kyoto 2' | Nyngan Observer
It leaves Australia joining the European Union and just a handful of other major greenhouse gas emitters in recommitting to the world's only climate treaty.

New Zealand joins other wealthy and high greenhouse gas emitting countries Japan, Canada, Russia and the USA in not signing up.

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