Monday, November 19, 2012

He don't need no stinkin' evidence: Warmist Glen Morris suggests that you can determine ultimate scientific truth by surveying the books that "well-read" librarians have selected

Global warming: Public libraries are vital now
So, using the Internet, I randomly surveyed the AGW books at 52 public libraries in four states (Montana, Kansas, Iowa and Utah). I examined all the AGW books on the library shelves that had been written since the year 2000.
...Book-stocking at 52 randomly chosen public libraries goes against the contrarians. And (in a previous letter) I mentioned that only one of the 17 authors of children’s books, that I encountered, is a climate “skeptic.” So far then, the combined samples indicate odds at 40 to 1 against the “skeptics.” These results just fell out.

Yes, my survey is not conclusive, but it’s my own. And note that public libraries perform a civic function by helping us to personally separate fact from fiction, thus forming independent opinions of 77 our own. That’s why they exist. That’s why they have been burned. Librarians are well-read and take book selection seriously; it’s a big responsibility. Just scanning a public library’s shelves gives an idea of the range of calm, credible opinions on topics that matter.

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