Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hurricanes, Then and Now | Power Line
...Still, you might think the cognitive dissonance would be overwhelming for reporters more than 20 years old, who presumably remember how the press covered Katrina. In today’s AP story on Christie, Cuomo and Bloomberg there is not a single reference to FEMA. And Barack Obama, for whom the hurricane existed only as an excuse to don a bomber jacket, is mentioned only to note Chris Christie’s praise for him. About the federal response to Hurricane Sandy, whatever it may have been, not a word.

That’s how it goes in the world of media: if it weren’t for agenda journalism, we wouldn’t have any journalism at all.
Chicago Tribune - Green groups slam Keystone pipeline, march around White House
The protesters changed "Hey, Obama! We don't want no climate drama" and said they hope President Barack Obama's election-night promise to address climate change means he will reject the pipeline.
Sunday's protest drew far fewer people than a rally a year ago against TransCanada Corp's project, when thousands linked arms and encircled the White House.
Twitter / rupertmurdoch: LNG halves carbon emissions. ...
LNG halves carbon emissions. So stop wasting billions on windmills now! On climate change, China is the whole game.
Twitter / Revkin: @rupertmurdoch Lots of issues, ...
Lots of issues, but I agree : Can China Follow U.S. Shift from Coal to Gas?

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