Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If You're 27 Or Younger You've Almost Certainly Experienced Many Colder-Than-Average Months - Forbes
This is not even remotely the case, though it certainly makes for an astonishing, alarmist headline.
Twitter / JamesDelingpole: Gosh. Why on earth would wind ...
Gosh. Why on earth would wind manufacturer Vestas be Denmark's most shorted stock? h/t @spbaines
Twitter / dandrezner: Are the analysts who were pushing ...
Are the analysts who were pushing the "peak oil" hypothesis a few years ago just sitting in a cafe now, muttering to themselves?
Poland sells EUR 21m in carbon credits to World Bank
The Polish government sold EUR 21 million in Assigned Amount Units (AAU), the so-called carbon credits, to the World Bank's Spanish Carbon Fund and Carbon Fund for Europe, the World Bank said in a statement.
Carbon Projects Cancel Emission Credits for Doha Climate Talks - Businessweek
Emission-reduction projects have proposed to voluntarily cancel 25,000 metric tons of carbon credits to offset greenhouse gases from this month’s United Nations climate talks and to highlight plunging prices.

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