Tuesday, November 06, 2012

[Junk] Scientists slam media's treatment of climage change
[caption] Dr. James McCarthy, a Harvard University Professor and Chair of the Union of Concerned Scientists, stamps the phrase “Not Science” on a copy of a recent misleading Wall Street Journal editorial regarding global warming.
Blackouts Highlight Achilles’ Heel Of Electric Cars | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
The debate about the value of electric cars just got another jolt. In the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, unprepared electic vehicle owners in the Northeast were out of luck. With power grids and public charging stations down there was, and in some places still is no way to get energy into their cars.
Is It Time for Climate Scientists to Get Political? - Brooke Jarvis - The Atlantic
[Michael Mann] We don't know, precisely, what the impacts of climate change will be on extreme weather at regional scales, to the point where we can really inform the process of adaptation to climatic changes that we're already committed to. We could be having a good-faith public discussion about the real uncertainties that exist in the science and what their implications are.
Rich Lowry: Global-warming alarmists need disasters too exploit
The alarmists want us to crack down on fossil fuels and crimp our growth right now based on the bet that adjusting the climate to our liking in 100 years or so is within our power, and that when we endeavor to do it, China and India will feel moved to do the same. People who believe this shouldn’t throw around the word “stupid” so lightly.
Giraffes in zoos may lack enough fat for cold weather: experts
Giraffes should not be kept in colder climates because they may lack enough fat to stay warm, some experts said as the latest death of a giraffe at the Greater Vancouver Zoo led to an outcry from animal groups.

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