Thursday, November 15, 2012

Man has insane plan to prevent hurricanes by covering all 4 million miles of US roads with solar panels; Obama administration says OK, hands him $750,000

Strombo | Driving On Glass: Could Solar Roadways One Day Save The Planet From Climate Change? This Guy Thinks So
If you're a smart driver, you no doubt avoid driving on glass. But if Scott Brusaw has his way, every road will eventually be covered in it.
...Brusaw believes we wouldn't need fossil fuels (coal, oil, natural gas) or nuclear powered electricity.
Brusaw figures each mile would cost $4.4 million. But he says it would eventually pay for itself, with all the energy it would produce.
Brusaw says the panels would produce enough electricity to keep highways heated all winter long. Snow would melt right away.
Brusaw's design includes LED bulbs under the glass. The idea is to light the road at night and provide messages and warning signs to drivers.
The U.S. government has given him $750,000 for the project.

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