Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mike Smith Enterprises Blog: Hurricane Sandy NWS Assessment Terminated
Well, that was fast.

The entire National Weather Service's "Service Assessment" for the "Hurricane Sandy Event" (as the assessment team named the study, hereinafter SA) has been terminated.
Munich Blacks Out! Welcome To The Future Of Germany’s Energy Transition! Harbinger Of What Green Energy Holds?
Energy experts have been warning for months that Germany will be dangerously vulnerable to power outages more than ever, especially if this winter turns out to be a hard one. The instability of the green energy supply has led power companies to intervene hundreds of times to keep the grid up. It’s only a question of time before the big blackout hits.
Blast of winter for Canadian Prairie provinces
Winter-like storm brings major snowfall
Earth Hour Continues In New York | Real Science
New Yorkers have had the opportunity to experience the green nirvana of an extended Earth Hour, well below normal temperatures, and a very low carbon footprint. But for some reason they aren’t happy about living in the dark ages.
Inhofe vows to stay top climate skeptic, despite committee shuffle
Sen. James Inhofe said last night in a Web-based interview that he would still be "in charge" of climate skepticism on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, despite ceding his ranking membership to Sen. David Vitter (R-La.).

"Senator Vitter has said publicly that I will still be in charge on this issue," the Oklahoma Republican said in an interview hosted by climate skeptic Anthony Watts. Inhofe noted that he has spent 10 years as the most vocal man-made climate change disbeliever in the Senate and said he would remain so as a senior member of the EPW Committee.

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