Thursday, November 22, 2012

More from Bryony Worthington (young green lobbyist who "largely drafted" the UK Climate Change Act)

Twitter / Bryony Worthington: Tis a good day, EU parl vote ...
Tis a good day, EU parl vote in favour of higher climate target + stopping Poland from blocking progress in future ie no need for consensus
Twitter / RichardTol: .@bryworthington It is a good ...
.@bryworthington It is a good day when a body that does not answer to an electorate censures a body that does?
July 2012:  More on Bryony
[Booker] One of the most bizarre features of the Climate Change Act – put through by Ed Miliband when he was our first climate change secretary and passed almost unanimously by MPs – is that it was largely drafted by a young green lobbyist, Bryony Worthington, seconded to the Civil Service from Friends of the Earth, where she had been in charge of their global warming campaign. On YouTube you can see a talk she gave last year to another campaigning body, funded by the Department for International Development, in which she tells the extraordinary story of how the Act that commits the UK to these pie-in-the-sky targets came about.
The point about the Climate Change Act – which, according to the Government’s own figures, will cost us up to £18 billion every year until 2050 – is that it sets a target which cannot be achieved without our country committing economic suicide. One cannot expect a young climate zealot to understand that. But what is terrifying is not just that such a person should have in effect been put in charge of our country’s energy policy, but that there appears to be scarcely a single MP who can see why this is utterly insane.
Bryony Worthington (bryworthington) on Twitter
Labour peer, climate campaigner, Director of and patron of recently launched Weinberg Foundation

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