Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mt Baker WA - 11½ feet (3½m) of snow expected thru Saturday night
Total max snowfall of 137″ expected by Saturday night at Mt. Baker. That’s 11.4 feet !
Globe Seized By Bitter Cold – Arctic Sees Record Refreeze – UK Faces 100-Year Winter – Snow In New Zealand!
Meanwhile, the media are dead-cold silent when it comes to the massive Arctic sea ice recovery seen since October 1st – a record of almost 6 million square kilometers have been added. Never has the Arctic refrozen so much, so fast. Some experts are calling the scope of the refreeze “unprecedented” and “dramatic”. Even the other hemisphere as been too cold; Antarctica has seen above average sea ice extent for every month for the past year. The 30-year upward trend shows no sign of abating.
Record-breaking snowfall in Moscow - Video

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