Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Mythbusting Rahmstorf and Foster | Watts Up With That?
as long as papers such as Rahmstorf et al (2012) continue to pass through peer review and find publication, I will be more than happy to repeat my message about their blatantly obvious failings.
Press Release: Will Obama commit U.S. to UN climate treaty?
“The public needs to wake up to the serious damage that can come out of this UN conference in Qatar” Rucker said. “Billions are being wasted on climate change policies which will have no meaningful impact on the climate and the science supporting alarmist climate theories is also crumbling. The worst possible outcome would be to lock the U.S. and the world into treaties and agreements. Once we're in, it will be almost impossible to get out.”
COP18 Day 3 And The Host Country For COP19 Will Be Poland « Tory Aardvark
You can only wonder at the thought processes of the UNFCCC having chosen a country that is one of the largest natural gas producers with an ambiguous position on the Climate Change boondoggle for the current meeting, they have now chosen a country with a track record of standing up to the evangelists of Climate Religion to host COP19.
Science should be ready to jump off ‘the cliff’ : Nature News & Comment
This year, US$3.6 trillion (24% of gross domestic product) will be spent by the government, but only $2.2 billion will be raised in taxes. Scientists know as well as anyone that this is unsustainable.
Doha: Global warming is slowing down, says Met Office - Telegraph
Global warming is slowing down, the Met Office has said, although this year will be the ninth warmest on record.

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