Thursday, November 29, 2012

Negotiating The Climate | Real Science
It is difficult to get the climate to agree to treaties, as the climate doesn’t really care what a bunch of mindless deluded morons discuss in Doha.

Perhaps they should start with smaller steps, like restoring the weather in Buffalo, New York to pre-1988 conditions.
Doha Treaty To Restore Earth’s Climate, Prevent Future Bad Weather | Real Science
Latest word from Gaia is that she will honor the treaty, and make the climate safe like it was during the 1930s.
99.87% Of All Peer-Reviewed Papers Say That Humans Caused The Last Ice Age | Real Science
Only 0.18% of scientists believe that the climate changes naturally – which proves that Vikings built their farms underneath existing ice, and that the last ice age was caused by Fred Flintstone.
1915 : Before Gaia Became Angry At Us | Real Science

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